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Hi Arif,

Welcome to the group!

I have tried your model "Mocap_FullBody.main.any"

Here are my findings:

The body model seemed to be missing an anatomical frame allowing you to place markers on clavicula and ulna, i suspect that you have added these already since it not the error you mentioned.

I then switched to run the motionandparameter optimiazation in the main file.

Then i noticed that left arm has no markers so i disabled the left arm in the file "Model/BodyPartsSetup.any" setting the statement

#define LEFT_ARM 0
The model is then running kinematic optimization and it will say it has converged but it will give you this error

inematic parameter analysis failed : there are 67 design variables but only 64 independent associated optimality conditions
This is because there are too many design variables compared to constraints.

An example is all markers the hand is free to move OptX,y,Z are on then the positions and size of hand is "undetermined/unconstrained", because the optimizer will not be able to know which positions/size is can just move all markers to get another position.

To avoid this problem constrain some of the markers to be fixed in position to the segment.

Hope it helps

What is your affiliation?

Best regards
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