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Hi Zach,

I am sorry for the late reply.

Unfortunately the structure of the MoCap models is a little different from other models. You need to do a few modifications to make it work with the subject-specific scaling functions.
1. Please copy Body\AAUHuman\Scaling\FootScaling\ScalingLengthMas sFatRBF.any into the Model folder.

In MoCap-Model/Model you need to find HumanModel.any and change the path to be relative and looking at the file that you copied:
//     #include "<ANYBODY_PATH_BODY>\Scaling\FootScaling/ScalingLengthMassFatRBF.any"
   #include "ScalingLengthMassFatRBF.any"
2. In ScalingLengthMassFatRBF.any for the segments that you individualize you would need to define a block like the example below:

      AnyFolder Thigh = {
        AnyVar LengthScale  = ...AnthroSegmentLengths.Right.ThighLength / ...StandardParameters.Right.Thigh.Length;
        AnyVar ms = ...MassScaling.Right.Thigh.MassScale;
        AnyVar ls = LengthScale;
        #ifndef CUSTOM_SCALING_Right_Thigh
        AnyFunTransform3DLin ScaleFunction = {
          ScaleMat = {{(.ms/.ls)^0.5, 0, 0},{0, .ls, 0},{0, 0, (.ms/.ls)^0.5}} ;
          Offset = {0, 0, 0};
    }; // Right
This block of code should exclude ScaleFunction if CUSTOM_SCALING_#SIDE#_#SEGMENT# is specified.

This should be sufficient. Please let me know if that makes sense and you can make it work.

Kind regards,
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