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Default GMFoot MoCap and RBF Scaling

Hi Pavel, again thank you for your time, I see where the differences exist between the free posture and the mocap models.

I've completed the changes and the model is returning:

Closing model...
Deleting last loaded model...
...Model deleted.
Loading  Main  :  "D:\Documents\Anyscripts\AMMR.v1.6.2-MyDemo - Copy\Application\Beta\MoCap-GMFoot\MoCap-GMFoot.main.any"
Constructing model tree...
Linking identifiers...
Evaluating constants...
ERROR(SCR.EXP0) :   D:/D..s/A..s/A..y/A..n/Beta/M..t/M..l/Environment.any(53)  :   'sRel'  :  Error in expression. Please refer to the following error messages for details ...
ERROR(SCR.EXP.FUN.EXT8) :   D:/D..s/A..s/A..y/A..n/Beta/M..t/M..l/Environment.any(37)  :   LocationFunction  :  Exception in Python extention module.
  Python error : 
Model loading skipped
The Python file FootLocation4 is already in the model folder.
I look forward to your reply.
Many Thanks,
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