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Default RE: [AnyScript] Input ligament into knee ?

Hi Wongsakorn,

Basically you have to define new AnyRefNodes on the segments you want to
connect, e.g. on the Thigh and Shank. Then you have to define the geometry
with an AnyViaPointLigament and define the material behaviour with
AnyLigamentModelPol. An important step is the calibration of the slack
length. Please have look at the tutorial on ligament modeling
( Here you can find an example
on the detailed steps.

Best regards,



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Subject: [AnyScript] Input ligament into knee ?

Hi All

My research is analyze ligament of knee but in repository7.1 not have
example of ligament so I will build ligament into knee.

How I will input ligament into knee in demo kneeload.main.any ?
How I will build node of ligament and I will edit code ?

You can explain me about step of edit code kneeload.main.any for analyze
force in ligament knee.

Thank you
best regards

Wongsakorn Phakdeepinit
Thammasat University

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