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Dear Mr. moonki,

Many thanks for you and iam so sorry for the inconvenience. Okay, here is my personal information. My real name is Ahmad Gozali (on the other posting, iam using the real name), Hafanago is my nickname refer to my Email ( I worked at CAS (Ciomas Adisatwa), the part of JAPFA GROUP based on Indonesia. Iam in IT division on there.

Btw, i have emailed to Mrs. Tina and to the anybody sales division about the same request, and they said that my trial license key is including of SolidWorks2AnyBody.Dll.

But, i have another problem when i try to converting my STL file into AnyScript. I will post this problem on another title, so i hope it will make easy to read & solving.

Best regars,
Ahmad Gozali | Hafanago.
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