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Hi toerholm,

I already tried to comment the 3 force plates from ForcePlates.any, and the model is sucessfully loading (but oubviously without any forceplate).

When commenting Plate2 anb Plate3 in ForcePlates.any (as I have only one force plate in my C3D file), this is where I get the previous error message:
ERROR(SCR.EXP1) : C:/U..s/p..i/D..s/A..x/A..o/A..n/M..s/P..e/S..p/ForcePlates.any(16) : Defined at : C:/U..s/p..i/D..s/A..x/A..o/T..s/A..p/F..s/ForcePlateAutoDetection.any(35) : Operator '=' : Illegal operation for given argument types : 'AnyEnum' '=' 'AnyInt[1]'. Allowed values : Off, On

I also thought that could have been a problem related to the type of the force plate, and hence changed FORCEPLATE_TYPE = 4 to FORCEPLATE_TYPE = 2, as I noticed in Main.ModelSetup.C3DFileData.Groups.FORCE_PLATFORM. TYPE.Data that the value is {{2}}.

In any case, thanks for your answer, it confirms that at least I have been looking in the correct direction.
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