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We think we have found the issue.

Please make this change in the forceplateautodection.any file

[ligne 33] AnyMessagePlateTypeCheck={
[ligne 34] AnyInttest=max(neqfun(.ForcePlateType,FORCEPLATE_TYPE));
[ligne 35] TriggerPreProcess=test;
[ligne 36] Type=MSG_ErrorFatal;
[ligne 37] Message=strformat("AnyMOCAP:Wrongforceplatetype:\n "+
[ligne 38] "C3Dfilereportsforceplateasbeeingtype"+
[ligne 39] strval(C3D_OBJECT.Groups.FORCE_PLATFORM.TYPE.Data[PLATE_NO-1])+[ligne 40] "nottype:"+strval(FORCEPLATE_TYPE));
[ligne 41] };

note that there is a "max" around the type check in line 34.

The explanation:

In your data the forceplate type says "{{2}}" usually in all other files we have seen it says e.g. "{2}" or {3,3,3}" so it means that for some reason your data has an additional set of brackets, which causes the type check to fail, but by using the max around it removes the bracket and it should work.

Please let us know if it solves the problem

Best regards
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