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Default RE: [AnyScript] Angular velocity / Acceleration profile to simulate the human model

Hi Darwin,

It is possible to drive a model by velocity or acceleration. But there are
some restrictions to it. The driver using this facility is the
AnyKinEqSimpleDriver. The restriction is that you can only input a constant
velocity or constant acceleration. That will only allow you to model simple
motions. It is not possible to input a text file containing velocity or
acceleration value in the AnyKinEqInterpolationDriver. Only position can be
input as text file for interpolation.

So if you have complex velocity or acceleration profiles that you want to
use, you will have to convert them into position profile before feeding them
into the interpolation driver.

Best regards,

Sylvain, AnyBody Support


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Subject: [AnyScript] Angular velocity / Acceleration profile to simulate the
human model

Hi all,

I am Darwin Gouwanda, from Monash University. I am currently working
on sports biomechanics research. I am trying to simulate Anybody
human model based on experimental data collected from various sports

I have gone through the Anybody tutorial posted on
And I couldn't find any tutorial/examples which use angular velocity
or acceleration profile to simulate the human musculoskeletal model.

So, I would like to know whether Anybody can simulate the human
model based on angular velocity/acceleration profile of a body
segment,which is stored in a *.txt format, just like the pendulum
tutorial (Instead of data full of 3D coordinates, it will have a
series of 3D angular velocity data). If its possible, can someone
indicate me how to do this or is there any Anyscript samples
available online?


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