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Default Query of Abdominal pressure model

Hello all,

I am investigating the effects of IAP on muscle forces recently. The IAP was removed based on the suggestion in the forum-setting the abdominal muscle strength to zero. The significance effects can be seen. However, the difference in oblique muscle force is slight (~17N) for the same posture when the IAP is deactivated and activated. I expected that all the oblique muscle force should be zero after deactivation of IAP.

I checked all the posts and presentation provided by Anybody, and knew that the Buckle is balanced by both Oblique and RA. My understanding is that the buckle model is still able to be activated if we only set abdominal muscle strength equal to zero. Therefore, the oblique is activated (this can make pushing muscle to push spine through disk joint between vertebra and transverse) due to its beneficial role of reducing total muscle activity (optimization function). Is this correct? In other words, the oblique muscle force cannot be zero if we only set abdominal pressure to zero due to the mechanism of IAP model in AnyBody?

Thanks in advance.


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