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Old 03-20-2015, 10:04 AM
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Default Solidworks2anybody Vs Manual coding

Dear Anybody users,
I have a doubt. I now know the use of solidworks2anybody addin. Can we do manually coding in the anyscript whatever done by the above addin.

I would like to know about the comparison between the two (what can we do, cannot we do) other than complexity(ofcourse in anyscript by starting from scratch).
R. Deepak Kumar
Trainee Scientist
Mtech- Advanced Instrumentation Engineering
CSIR - Central Scientific Instruments Organisation
Sector 30, Chandigarh 160030, India
Mobile : 09566701793(TN), 08283002413(CHD)
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Old 03-20-2015, 02:25 PM
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Dear Deepak Kumar,

I'm the main developer of SolidWorks2AnyBody so I would explain the advantages of using SolidWorks2AnyBody.

1) Speed
Of course you can do manual AnyScript coding from bottom up. But it will take much more time if you CAD assembly is very complex.
Then it also means that there may be some possibilities of making mistakes during your manual task depending on your personal skills.

2) Constraints (Mates)
Usually it is not very easy for normal SolidWorks users to get the detail information of mate parameters from SolidWorks.
For instance, in order to create a mate between two different parts, you should create two AnyRefNode objects on each AnySeg.
Then you should know how you should extract sRel and ARel for those AnyRefNodes.
Also from a mate information, you should determine which type of constraint you should use in AnyScript.
SolidWorks2AnyBody will do these tasks automatically.

Also there are some other advantages of using SolidWorks2AnyBody.
But I would say that it depends of the complexity of your model and the your level of skill about using AnyScript.

Best regards,

Moon Ki Jung, Ph.D, Application Engineer, AnyBody Technology A/S.

※ AnyScript™ Reference Manual is the bible.
※ AnyScript™ wiki page is the best supplementary information(
※ When you would upload your models, please write information about your AMS and AMMR versions.
※ If you want to get more intensive support, please update your information(profile, organization and signature).
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