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Originally Posted by MMMPPPMMM View Post
Still hoping for an answer. Thanks
AnyBody version : 7. 1. 2. 6044
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Hi Fritz,

The logic behind mass values was to normalize the values to represent an average guy with looking back at the TLEM1.2 being a some sort of reference.

We tried looking at the TLEM1.2 (7kg) vs TLEM2.1 scale of the thigh mass, and it looked to be 0.86 (which is not too far from your 0.9). This could be thought as idealizing masses to 2 cylinders of the same radius and density, but different length. How accurate is your 0.9 factor?

But it might also be that a more complex scaling was done, something like a Length Mass Scaling, which accounts for the thickness as well. Unfortunately, the thesis by V. Carbone is not very descriptive with respect to choosing these values.

We will look into this again to understand how accurate this value and whether it should be changed, but at the moment we will leave it like that.

Does it cause you some problems? Or you were just wondering about the source?

We also noticed a typo in the code, where a pelvis mass was used from the trunk dataset instead of the leg dataset. Not sure whether you would see the difference though or not. It's already fixed and will be applied to the next patch of AMMR.

Kind regards,
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