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Old 03-19-2009, 07:48 AM
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Default "IF.." function

Dear Support,


I would like to know about "IF .. then .. else .. " function.
Many programming languages have "IF.." function.
If it exists in AnyScript, we can give the models different move or different
power according to the situation.

For example, "arm2d.any" in tutorial/StudyOfStudies,

1) According to the angle of Elbow , "Main.ArmModel.Muscles.MusMdl.F0" changes.
2) According to the angle of Elbow , "Main.ArmModel.Loads.Dumbbell.F" changes.

I know, when I use external text files as angles of Elbow , F0 and F, I might
be able to do it in some case.
But if "IF.." function exists, it is more convenient.

And there described about "AnyFunIf" function in AnyScript Reference Manual,
and it is "Hidden" type.
Is it possible to use ?

Thank you.



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