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Old 09-08-2016, 05:19 PM
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Default Getting locked concentric mates to read in AnyBody

Hello everyone,

I am trying to lock concentric mates in SolidWorks and get them to read in AnyBody such that the angle is specified and doesn't read as a degree of freedom lacking a constraint. When I lock a rotation in SolidWorks, AnyBody doesn't read that lock. This means I have to go back and make a driver and approximate the angle in AnyBody which I had in SolidWorks. Is there an easier way to do this?

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Old 09-13-2016, 04:54 PM
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Dear Brandon,

Unfortunatley, it does not seem that the current version of SolidWorks2AnyBody will consider the locking status of a concentric mate in a SolidWorks assembly.

And yes, you are right. The easiest way is to simply add a driver which will fix the degree of freedom.

Best regards,

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