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Old 12-11-2017, 06:55 AM
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Default Applying to Helen Hayes marker set

Hi I have in trouble with changing marker set to Helen Hayes marker set with MaCap Model. I am using Anybody ver 7.1.
This is what I have done so far.
1. I changed Anybody program marker name in MarkerProtocol.any as Helen Hayes marker set name.
2. First, I started to change marker name from the marker in the same position of Anybody Marker set and Helen hayes.
3. I adjust the sRelOpt value of some markerset to place the exact position but I am not sure.

I attached the file. Please let me know what is wrong

Thank you

Best Regards
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Old 12-12-2017, 05:17 PM
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Hi Bokku,

I looked at your model a little. There were some problems with markers and settings. I did some changes to at least move from the kinematic problems, but please have a look yourself. There should be enough kinematic information for each segment for the optimization to go smoothly. Due to the fact that there is less information than needed - sometimes kinematics fails. You could improve this by introducing additional constrains such as removing optimization of the head size, trunk height, etc.

I also had to add additional constraints to foot, otherwise there was strange subtalar eversion. I believe you do not have enough markers as you provided. I did not use additional markers in the C3D. Please add them and see if they help. Please have a look at the LowerExtremity.main.any file to see how I have done that.

Kind regards,
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