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Old 02-06-2018, 03:56 PM
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Default Insert an implant from SolidWorks into the HumanModel

Iím currently trying to insert a femoral and a tibial component into the standing human model.

I first tried to insert the Implants by stl-files, like it was done in the THA- and TKA-Model, direktly into the KneeJointAnatomicalFrame. The insertion worked, but since it is a coupled Knee Joint, I needed to join the components with a spherical Joint. But itís not possible to include nodes or something to create a connection.

Thatís why I decided to do it with SolidWorks. Both components arenít overconstrained. I inserted them into the StandingHumanModel, but they are stitched to the GlobalRefFrame, even when I insert them directly into the Implant-Node in the KneeJointAnatomicalFrame. I tried to comment out the GlobalRefFrame in the AnyScript-file of the component and attached the Origin_Ref of the implant to the ImplantNode.

I tried a lot, but the component is still attached to the origin of the GlobalRefFrame. I also loosened the fixation of the component to the Origin in SolidWorks, but when I include the file, the component is in the same position relativ to the origin as it was in the SolidWorks-file.

Is there something Iíve overlooked? I hope my problem is clear.

Thanks a lot for the help and best regards,
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