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Old 10-24-2015, 05:19 PM
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Smile TLEM 2.0 model


I can see in this paper (TLEM 2.0 – A comprehensive musculoskeletal geometry dataset for subject-specific modeling of lower extremity) that TLEM 2.0 has been implemented in AnyBody v 6.0.3.

But I only found TLEM 1.1 in this version of AnyBody or in the latest version 6.0.5. Does the 2.0 model have a different name in AMMR?

Thank you.

Mech Eng,
University of Leeds
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Old 10-28-2015, 02:06 PM
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Hi Jerry,

The TLEM2.0 dataset is still in beta-testing and not available for public yet. We expect it to be released in foreseeable future, please wait.

Kind regards,
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Old 09-28-2016, 10:10 AM
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I've got a question regarding the original data of the TLEM 2.0.

In the abstract of the paper about the model "TLEM 2.0 – A comprehensive musculoskeletal geometry dataset for subject-specific modeling of lower extremity" from March 2015 they mention that the
... complete dataset, including CT and MRI scans and segmented volume and surfaces, is made available at for the biomechanical community, in order to accelerate the development and adoption of subject-specific models on large scale.
But I cannot find a download link on the website.

Do you know where to download the original data?

Thanks in advance
AnyBody version : 7. 0. 1. 5467 (64-bit version)
Build : 17353.43500
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Old 10-06-2016, 09:20 AM
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Hi Fritz,

I was not able to find information about this on the University of Tweente's webpage either, please contact the corresponding author on the paper.

Best regards
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Old 12-22-2017, 02:24 PM
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While using the TLEM2.0 model, I recognized that the position of knee joint axis, that they have reported, seems to be too far proximal in my opinion (see pictures)

Do you have expierenced the same during beta-testing?
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AnyBody version : 7. 0. 1. 5467 (64-bit version)
Build : 17353.43500
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Old 01-03-2018, 02:23 PM
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Hi Jerry

The location of the knee joint axis is a really tricky problem. In reality, the instantaneous location of the knee joint axis moves during knee flexion. Thus, a fixed knee joint axis as in an approximation.

The knee joint axis in the in the TLEM2.0 model was originally estimated in the TLEMSafe project with an unloaded functional method directly on the dissected cadaver bones.

Essentially, the two bones were moved by hand through a limited range of motion while the kinematics of the bones were recorded. I don't think this created a very good approximation of the knee joint axis. But it was never the less used in the TLEMSafe research project, and it may have been OK for activities such as gait.

The AnyBody models are used for very different activities. So the axis needs to be the best compromise which works for both small joint angles as well as full knee flexion (e.g. full knee squatting).

That is why most joint axis in TLEM 2.1 model was re-implemented taking into account that the idealized joint should work for the full range of motion.

You can read about this change in the release log:

Redefined revolute knee axis and patella joint axis and patella tendon length based on the bone geometry. The original TLEM knee axis was estimated using a functional method and was only valid for very small flexion angles. Thanks to Marco Antonio Marra (Radboudumc) for this for this improvement.
This is probably the reason you find the location of the knee joint axis a bit strange. It is a compromise between the instantaneous knee joint axis of flexed and extended knee.

You can try the original joint axis from the TLEMSafe project if you like. It involves changing the following:

Body/AAUHuman/LegTLEM/TLEM2.1/ModelJointParameters.any line: 42-46 :

  AnyVec3 KneeJoint = {-0.002171389,   0.006685766, 0}*.TF';
  AnyVec3 KneeJointAxis = ..Sign*{0.0487755, -0.04631672, -0.9977353}*.TF'/vnorm({0.0487755, -0.04631672, -0.9977353});

  AnyVec3 PatellaFemurJoint ={ 0.005458221, 0.005741691,0}*.TF';
  AnyVec3 PatellaFemurJointAxis = ..Sign*{0.1143518,-0.05854474, -0.9984416}*.TF'/vnorm({0.1143518,-0.05854474, -0.9984416});
Body/AAUHuman/LegTLEM/TLEM2.1/ModelJointParameters.any line: 60-61 :

  AnyVec3 PatellaFemurJoint = { -0.03663476, -0.005972708, 0.002046017}*.TF';
  AnyVec3 PatellaFemurJointAxis = ..Sign*{0.1143518,-0.05854474, -0.9984416}*.TF'/vnorm({0.1143518,-0.05854474, -0.9984416});
Body/AAUHuman/LegTLEM/TLEM2.1/ModelJointParameters.any line: 51-52 :

  AnyVec3 KneeJoint = { -0.01021331, 0.366972, -0.001585396}*.TF';
  AnyVec3 KneeJointAxis = ..Sign*{0.04877549, -0.04631671, -0.9977353}*.TF'/vnorm({0.04877549, -0.04631671, -0.9977353});
It is also possible to redefine the knee joint without changing code in the AMMR folder, although this is mostly undocumented. There is a BM switch which will remove the knee joint completely.

Then it is up to the user to redefine the knee completely from scratch. This is mostly used by advanced users who like to implement there own more advanced knee models.

Hopes this helps a bit.

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