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Old 08-08-2017, 11:53 PM
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Default Questions Regarding Handpump example

I have recently started studying the handpump action using anybody software.
looking through all the data in chart area, there are a few questions that i couldnt find the answer to on my own and I would appreciate it if Anyone in here can help me with them.
ok so here are my questions:
1. Im looking for muscle origin and insertion points of shoulder-arm segments and i cant find the reference node used to calculate the segment nodes distances (as in r[0], r[1], etc). is there only one pre-defined reference node to calculate the distance of ALL defined nodes on shoulder-arm segments? how can I find that node? how can I change it to another node (for example to a node on vertebrae)?

Or is there a set of them, meaning each certain group of nodes variables are calculated according to one specific reference node? if YES then how can I find them and change them to any other predefined node in the model?

2.Since i will be using some of the results to devise an experiment of the same nature, i might need to change the human model to sitting or a specifically fixed position ( ie. fixating the entire body except a few specific joints in upper extremities), How can I change the human model used in the example to another pre-defined model in the repository?

Thank you in advance!
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Old 08-09-2017, 10:14 AM
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Hi ?

Welcome to the group, to obtain support we kindly ask users to provide name and affiliation.

Let me try to explain:

1: The nodes on a segment is defined wrt to a reference frame. All nodes has sRel values which defines their position wrt to the parent reference frame. In many cases the parent reference frame is the segment reference frame but it can also be a an anatomical reference frame. The sRel value can be found for the arm in the Seg.any file and in the AddOnOutSideBlockForMuscles.any, note that all values are subject to scaling and the sRel value are the unscaled value.

All nodes also have a R value this is the nodes global position in time, so this value depends on what the model is doing.

There is no distance measure avaible by default bewteen the nodes, this could be made with an AnyKinPLine measure, or a simple expression on the sRel values.

2: We have many different models available in the repository and they can all be modified as needed, there is a seatedhuman model which may be a good starting point for a seated posture. Depending on which model you choose there are different ways to modify tem.

Best regards
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