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Default Welcome to the Debug model forum

This forum is for questions related to debugging of models distributed under the Professional license such as the AnyBody Managed Model Repository.

Questions can also be related to entirely new models which can be distributed using the Professional license.

If you post a model here, we encourage you to upload the model to the AnyScript community once it is finished. AnyScript Team members may at any point take the posted debug model, finish it and make it available under the Professional license.

When posting here please remember to attached the model, or make sure all the files needed to run the model can be obtained elsewhere on Please do not include large sections of an repository if this is unchanged, just state which repository version the model is supposed to run with.

If you upload files to the forum make sure that the data contains no references to any identifiable individuals.

This forum use the Professional license
For downloading files see terms here:
For uploading files see terms here:
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