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Old 02-05-2014, 06:22 PM
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Default GaitLowerExtremity - Kinematic analysis fails

Dear experts

I am using the lower extremity gait model from AMMR.v.1.5 in AnyBody version : 5. 2. 0. to calculate muscle/joint forces before and after total knee replacement. I did not encounter problems when analyzing a subject before total knee replacement however now I am analyzing a trial from the same subject six months after surgery and I encounter the following error when running "RunMotionAndParameterOptimizationSequence":

ERROR(OBJ.MCH.KIN3) : C:/U..s/k..e/A..a/R..g/A..y/A..x/m..o/A..n/E..s/G..4/GaitLowerExtremity.main.any : MotionOptimization.InitialConditions : Kinematic analysis failed in time step 0

KinematicStudyforParameterIdentification....initia l conditions and kinematics runs okay but the problem occurs in ModelOptimizationModel (as stated in the rror)

I have corrected the virtual markers as much as possible by moving their positions to better match the experimental markers.....i have also played with the tolerances and marker weights but can not make it work. I have also tried with other walking trials and pretty much the same occurs. I also tried to change thigh and shank length.

Some details:
My subject gained 5 kilos after surgery (thus there is more skin movement) and marker placement around the hip was not the most adequate compared to before the surgery. Also the marker of the right knee was a bit higher placed compared to the left knee.

Please find the folder with my model and trial attached as well as a text file with the error message.

All the experience you guys might have or any input on how to solve my issue is greatly appreciated!
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Old 02-11-2014, 03:48 PM
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Attached please find the modified version of your model.

Some few comments:

1) Because you didn't use any marker on the trunk, you can't optimize the trunk height. So I had to change the setting in the 'ModelSetup.any' file.

2) Also I adjusted the kinematic tolerance in the last study of MotionAndParameterOptimization.

I hope this may help you.

Best regards,
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