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Old 03-13-2018, 02:55 PM
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Default AnyMuscleModel3E

Hello Anybody,
I would like to ask you about muscle model of Hill type AnyMuscleModel3E.
The basic Hill-type model (in the picture - Basic) consists of a contractile element CE and a parallel visco-elastic element PE +
DE. The contractile element represents the active force generated by the muscle during muscle contraction. The parallel element simulates the passive muscle properties. It consists of a nonlinear spring PE and a linear dashpot DE.
In Anybody Repositary is this model as in the picture In_AnyBody. Muscle contains there only two parts. CE and PE. And what about DE? Is there DE AND PE together and called only PE? Or not? In tutorial is only this description
  1. A contractile element (CE) representing the active properties of the muscle fibers.
  2. A serial-elastic (T) element representing the elasticity of the tendon.
  3. A parallel-elastic element (PE) representing the passive stiffness of the muscle fibers.
Please help! It is very important for my thesis!

Thanks a lot
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Old 03-15-2018, 10:29 AM
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Hi Veronika,

The short answer is that there are no DE element.

The PE element is a spring dependent on length not speed.

Best regards
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Old 03-15-2018, 11:05 AM
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Thank you very much.
Now, it is clear. And can I have one question more please? I have in my model the basic muscle models too. AnyMuscleModel. In the tutorial doesn´t exist a picture of mechanical behavior. Can I understand it, that AnyMuscleModel is something like the picture in attachement? A or b?

Have a nice day
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