About C3D file


I am going to move fullbody using c3d file now.
Therefore there are several questions.

①What information may GaitNormal0001-processed-OptimizeParameters.txt or
GaitNormal0001-processed-output-euler-*.txt be based on?

②In addition, how did you make them?

Thank you

Hi Sawamura (hopefully this is you first name),

the two files you are mentioning will be created automatically by the kinematic optimzation in AnyBody. They contain information about the calculations and also the new marker coordinates. If new segment lengths have been calculated these are included as well. You can just open them with a usual text editor to get an understanding. You will see that only the parameters that you chose to be optimized will be included (which makes sense…).

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Hi Patrick and Moonki,

The file that has been modified is as attached.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Best regards

Hi sawamura,

For above model file, I don’t know what your intention is.

I think that Patrick explained well about the purpose of those text files.

And if you want to know more detail about how those text files could be created,
then you have to see ‘Sequence1.anymcr’, ‘SaveMacroOperation-Save.anymcr’, ‘RunMacroOperation-Save.anymcr’ files.

The reason is that RunMotionAndParameterOptimizationSequence operation is like this:

AnyOperationMacro RunMotionAndParameterOptimizationSequence  = {  FileName = "Sequence1.anymcr";   };

And it will be helpful for you to see the description of AnyOptKinStudy class.

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I ran the kinematic optimization.

The *-OptimizedParameters.txt was created by the kinematic optimization in AnyBody.

But the -output-euler.txt was not created.

What is cause?

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I don’t understand your problem.

Did you run ‘RunMotionAndParameterOptimizationSequence’ operation?

Then I could get all text files including -output-euler-.txt files.

Please check again.

Best regards,