About Joint Angle

I would like to know the Joint Angle’s 0 degree position.
I don’t understand positive direction.

Please tell me these information.


I don’t understand what your question is.

Most of our example models include ‘Mannequin.any’ file which controls the initial postures of human joint angles.

By changing the joint angle values here and reloading again, you can figure out which direction is positive for each joint angle.

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Thank you message,mkjung9980.
I get this graph by AnyBody.

I want to know detail of this graph
and Joint Angle position of this graph’s 0[rad].

I want to know
Joint Angle position of this graph’s 0[rad].


Please, just try the following steps.

  1. Open the ‘FreePosture’ model in the example folder of repository.
  2. Open the ‘Mannequin.any’ file and change the KneeFlexion and ‘AnklePlantarFlexion’ values.
  3. Reload the model.

Then you can see the meaning and the direction of these joint angles.

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