AMTI stairs

I have C3D data files with a subject walking up and down stairs which are bolted into 2 force plates. The stairs and force plates are manufactured by AMTI. I would like to be able to add these stairs into my AnyBody model. I am currently using the GaitLowerExtremity model. Can anyone advise me of how to add the stairs into the model?



If your force plates are located with respect to the stairs well,
then I don’t think you should put additional code for adding stairs.
You can just use GaitFullBody example.

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Hi Moonki,

I have attached a paper that shows the setup of the stairs on the force plates. This should give a better understanding of our setup.


I could read the paper that you’ve attached very roughly.
So there may be some misunderstaing for me about the paper.

The most import work for stair modeling like the way of this paper is that you should get the geometry and mass property of the stair that you’ve used.

Using this file, you can make force connection between force plates and the stair.

Followings are my quick idea:

  1. Make two AnySeg objects. These AnySeg objects should have exact mass properties.
    Also it will be better for you to input the STL file of this stair geometry.

  2. Make some kinematic drivers or constraints for these two AnySeg objects.

  3. In ‘\AMMRV1.4\Body\AAUHuman\ToolBox\Mocap’ folder, there is ‘ForcePlateType2.any’ file.
    Using ‘ForcePlateType2.any’ file, you can make force connections between force plates and these stair AnySeg objects.

  4. In ‘.\AMMRV1.4\Body\AAUHuman\ToolBox\FrictionContactMuscles’ folder, there are some files about conditional contact.
    Then you can define some conditional contact elementns between human feet and the stair AnSeg objects.

Of course there will be other better ways.

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