Analysis for an instant posture from a motion


I want to analyze a given instant posture from one moment of a successive motion.
Therefore, of cause, each segment/joint has its own instant velocity/acceleration.

What I tried first is to do as just the same as what I did for a static model:

  • The joint angles at the given posture are applied to Posture class in Mannequin.
  • The joint velocities are also tried to be input to PostureVel class in Mannequin.
    By doing this, the posture could be shown with the human model, but nothing was happened about velocity.

I was able to consider the way of driving the joints with given velocities.
But the current model I’m working on is from the full motion analysis model and all the joints cannot be controlled with their own velocities, because some of joints are not driven by joint drivers considering my purpose of the full motion analysis.
For example, I deactivated knee flexion joint driver because I wanted the posture of knee to be relatively determined by constraining foot and hip.

Is there any other method to realize the model with instant velocity?
Or should I modify all the joint to be controllable by the joint drivers with velocity?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Dong-Pyoung,

It will be better if you can use the interpolation driver using some experimental data points.

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Dear Moonki,

Okay, Thank you :slight_smile: