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Hi, I have some questions about modeling, thank you for your help.

So far, My modeling reference is GaitUniMaimi, and I followed the 15 steps for my model by C3D data (already converting to anyscipt by c3d2any). The motion is egress a car, I focused the segments of lower half of body (below pelvis).

I already wrote the correct codes fitting my marker set with initial condition, such as Mannequin, LocalMarkerCoordinatesAndSize and MarkerTopology (but environment is empty). After the process, model loading is successful. I can see the c3d data (gray point), musculoskeletal system, driver markers (red point), but gray point can move, red point can not move.

Now I think that I will run gaitapplication2 to drive the model and do inverse dynamic analyze, but I do not have the *.txt of markers that are used in gaitapplication2, what process or program do I lack?

attachment file is my reference model (VolleyballBlock_raw, it refer to GaitUniMiami) and my model (copy - EE01_raw), maybe it would useful for check. My AnyBody version is 4.0.1

copy - EE01_raw
file path “D:\AnyBody\Repository7\Application\Examples”

By the way, the verison 4.0.1 anybody software is often shutdown when I click the ***.PointsProcessed.any (it is to large, 4.4MB) or switch window. Does the verison 4.0.1 have any problems to easily cause software error and shutdown? just like version 3.0.1.

Thank you for help again.

Best regards
Andy Chen


As you are running version 4 of AMS i think you should try the new modeling facility. GaitApplication2 and c3d2any are actually not nedeed anymore as the optimization routine is now included in anybody. The optimisation is also available for the whole body, not just the lower limbs.

Please see the models GaitLowerExtremity or GaitFullBody in the last repository release. They are examples of how to use the automated optimisation sequence. It is much easier and faster. You just have to include your own c3d file, eventually modify the marker set to fit your c3d file and run the automated sequence.

Best regards, Sylvain.

Thank yor for reply.

My lab anybody is version 4.0.1, not version 4.1.0, so I cannot open the model of GaitLowerExtremity or else in AMMRV1.1 with anybody4.0.1.

Then, what can I do if I want follow that you say?

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Sorry i read too fast. It is right that you need version 4.1 to use those models. So i definitly suggest you to consider upgrading your instalation. Download is available on our web site.
Version 4.1 is a big improvemnt for gait modeling, as i said it is much easier and faster without the 15 steps procedure of GaitApplication2.
You may have to buy maintenace if yours is expired.

Best regards, Sylvain.

Thank you for you suggestion, but our lab doesn’t have fund to [FONT=Verdana]maintenance so that I only can follow 15 steps to build model.[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]Now, I will try to drive model but lack the *.txt files.[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]Can you give me other suggestion or direction?[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]Thank you so much.[/FONT]


In the MarkerMover.any file there is a section which write out the .txt file for each marker.

So you need to check if this code is active and then run the Maker study as described in the 15 step procedure.

Best regards

Hi, Sir,

How do I adjust the marker set from GaitFullBody or other to own whole body marker set in the version 4.1?
Could you give me some references or sources to represent the procedure?

I had seen webcasts about the introduction of version 4.1. But I cannot understand that what to adjust the whole body marker set.

Thank you for your help.


In this model the body marker set is controlled via the file ModelSetup.any. For each marker there is a menber called sRelOpt, this is the coordinate of the unoptimized marker on the unscaled segment.

You have to modify this sRelOpt when moving a marker or creating a new one. You also have to specify the appropriate owner segment with the menber MarkerPlacement.

Best regards, Sylvain.

Hi, Sylvain,
Does it has some tips about adjusting sRelOpt?

For example, if I want to move a marker to lateral malleolus bony landmark, what value will sRelOpt be?

Is it independent with the subject?
If the subjects have different length of segment, is the sRelOpt value always the same?

Is it can show out the mocap marker in the GaitFullBody model? The green marker? But the number of markers can not match my markers.

Thank you

Hi Andy,

Moving a marker is often done visualy from the model view, iteratively modifying the sRel vector until obtaining the desired location.
The coordinates can be calculated if the marker is dependent of some other nodes (mid point of two nodes for example).
However the the most used location for the markers are already defined in models such as GaitFullBody.

The sRelOpt vector is independent of the subject because it refers to the location on the unscaled bone. For a every different subject created (which means the bones are scaled) the sRel vector is automaticaly scaled so that the marker stays on the defined bony landmark.

Best regards, Sylvain.