Ansys interface (XML to APDL)


I am a Mechanical Engineering student at the Twente University and currently working with the Anybody software. I found a few errors which made the programm not work. I downloaded the latest version of the AnyFE2APDL.exe file.

  • Inserting AnyOperationShellExec from the Class list was not possible (ERROR(SYS1))
  • Manually it was possible to let Anybody read the script

ExecArguments should be Arguments
ExecWorkingDir should be WorkDir
ExecShow should be Show

  • The programm had troubles with a python26.dll file. I copied the errormessage and I sent it as an attachment. It is looking for a file called APDLConverter which is not in the folder I think.

I hope the problem is easily solved and I would like to know what I am doing wrong or could change.


Best Regards,

Bas van der Ploeg

Hi Bas,
sorry for the troubles. Yes, the inserter does not work, its already sent to bugreport.
A text like this should work. There should be an APDLtemplate file in the examples folder please place it in your application folder.
AnyOperationShellExec ConvertToAPDL_L5={
FileName = “AnyFE_APDL.exe”;
Arguments = “-i …\ForcesL5.xml -o …\files_out -t …\APDLTemplateL5.txt”;

Best regards,