AnyBody crashes while using ChartFX 2D


currently I am working with AnyBody versions 5.1 / 5.2.
Everytime I try to change the properties of ChartFX 2D, such as thickness and colour of the lines, AnyBody crashes.
The crash occurs just when I click the “properties”-button.
Do you know any way to avoid this?
In AMS version 5.0 everything is fine.

Best regards,


Hi Fabian,

I’m sorry to hear from you about the problem.

Your problem about ChartFX is a kind of known issue to us.

But we can’t solve it this problem about ChartFX.

Instead, we would recommend you to use AnyChart.
I think that AnyChart will replace ChartFX enough.

Best regards,

Hi Moonki, thanks for your quick answer!