Anybody for animal simulation

I’m new to Anybody, apologies if this subject has been covered elsewhere. I would like to model muscle action in the hindlimbs of primitive frogs; before I get more deeply into it, could the forum kindly confirm that Anybody is capable of doing these steps:
import frog skeleton elements as stl files (or model equivalent sizes), articulate with specific ROM; place muscles in the model; simulate realistic movements; analyse muscle actions corresponding to these movements.
sorry to be so basic


a simulation of a frog hind limb sonds like an interesing project.
As far as I can see from your description it should be possible to do all these steps in the AnyBody Modelling System.
A comparable simulation about the hind limb of a rat using AnyBody was presented in a webcast (Musculoskeletal Loads within the Rats Hind Limb, T. Wehner, Sep 2010) which you can find on the homepage

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thanks Daniel, I’ll check out the rat hindlimb model as you suggest
best wishes