AnyBody is semi-static or dynamic analysis ?

Hi guys,

Some scientists think that AnyBody does semi-static analysis, because the equilibrium equations are computed at each time step. However, I think that it is dynamic analysis because the system computes velocity and acceleration from joint position.

Who is right ?

Thank you.


Hi Pierre,

Traditional models using traditional joints are definitely dynamic. In case of fdk models, it might really be semi-static as v[COLOR=black]elocity and acceleration are set to zero.


Hi Amir,

I was almost sure about that but I wanted to hear it from you guys since some scientists still believe that AnyBody is semi-static.

But I think it also depends on the value of the simulation time (tEnd). If you intentionally puts a high simulation time, the effect of the velocity and acceleration is less important, but it is still dynamics.

For the FDK, it is apart from the inverse dynamics formulation. In this case, I also agree that semi-static is the right term.

Thank you.