AnyBody strengths and weaknesses

Hi folks,

In the course of my Ph.D., I have to explain why I chose AnyBody instead of another shoulder model. Thus, I’m trying to understand what differentiates the AnyBody shoulder model from other shoulder models (e.g. Delft, NewCastle, SimTK, etc.). I already know a lot about these differences, but there might be other aspects that I don’t understand.

From what I know, your recruitment algorithms (quadratic, min/max) are well known and defined in the literature. The anthropometric data comes from the Delft shoulder group. The musculotendinous properties also come from literature data.

So my first question is : What are the biggest strength and the biggest weakness of the AnyBody Modeling System and the shoulder model.

My second question is : Is there something unique to AnyBody that makes it more attractive than the other models that might be difficult to understand for us as simple users ?

Thank you.


Hi Pierre,

We are technical AnyBuddies in this forum, we think we are doing a very good job with the AnyBody Modeling System. But we don’t like comparing different models, software applications or approaches with AnyBody.

I would rather suggest you talk to our sales guys, they love to talk about that :slight_smile:

Try it here:

and they will get back to you.

Hi Amir,

Thank your for your answer. I will contact the sale guys.