AnyBody window name changes


I am using the AutoHotkey ( with AnyBody. Unfortunately there is a small problem. As I only want to use the new key bindings in AnyBody and not in other windows I use an AutoHotkey-function which checks which window is active. The problem here is that the AnyBody window name changes on every start which means that I also have to change the window name in the script on every start. I did’t notice this behavior with any other software before. Is there a way to stop AnyBody from changing the window name?

As an example:
last time the name was
and now it is



Hi Patrick,

I think Windows is assigning some available window IDs to the AnyBody windows automatically. I would expect it to be the same for other applications. So no - we do not control such details. You may want to look for external tools to solve that.


Too bad but nevermind.
What other applications do:
Firefox: MozillaWindowClass
FreeCommander: TfcForm
Matlab: SunAwtFrame
Mokka: QWidget
The never change their values.