AnyPrismaticJoint - set shifting margin


I want to use the AnyPrismaticJoint class for a sliding joint on my exoskeleton mechanism. When I connect two RefFrames of my two parts, those parts are able to move unrestricted on the defined axis.
Is it possible to implement position limits for a prismatic joint in AnyBody, so that the parts can only shift within a defined margin?
I know that DriverPos will set the initial position, but that won’t help me neither.


Hi David,

Please use this line to include a classtemplate that allows such behavior:

#include “<ANYBODY_PATH_MODELUTILS>/KinematicLimits/KinLimit_template.any”

You can find a usage example if you double-click on this line.

Please remember that this would require using an overdeterminate solver.

Kind regards, Pavel