AnyReacForce vs. Reaction.Type?

I’d like to ask what is the difference between the class of AnyReacForce and the parameter of Reaction.Type in used in several drivers.
When should I use AnyReacForce class and when should I use Reaction.Type in driver or constraint?


As you pointed out, AnyReacForce and the Reactions in drivers are same.

The use of AnyReacForce is that you can use AnyReacForce wherever you want to put.
For instance, if you want to put some some torque on a revolute joint which is not driven by any kind of driver, then you should use AnyReacForce there.

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Thank you for your assistance. :smiley:
This means that if I make an Reaction.Type option on a driver, then I don’t need to make an additional AnyReacForce.