AnySurfSTL now working?

I imported a STL file for the wrapping of the M.subscapularis. But when I try to run the Calibration I get this error:
subscapularis_1.SPLine : Closest point on a possible contact surface could not be found.

Are the insertions to close or to far away from the surface?
Is it because I use a STL?
Might it be related to the StringMesh or the wrapping vector?

I found this in previous posts:
"The wrapping algorithm in AnyBody will in principle work with any sort of
surface including real bone surfaces, but for the time being only parametric
surfaces are used. The reason is that the bony surfaces are really a lot of
small planar triangles, and the corners and edges of the triangles will
cause the muscles to slide discontinuously over the surface, which disturbs
the analysis result. The parametric surfaces currently available are
cylinders and ellipsoids.

Well, it’s surprising for us that it actually works with the stl file. Even
so the algorithm is made in a way that it could handle it in general, it
will deliver wrong results due to the rough surfaces, therefore it should be
disabled. And this will also be the case in your applications. Even so the
position analysis works - you can see the wrapping - it will not give you
correct results for the muscle activations."

as the posting states, its not recommended to use .stl files. It will most likely cause you problems. Please try to use parametric surfaces e.g. cylinders.
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Even for static cases?

I am wondering why it’s included if it doesn’t work correctly.

well, as said it is not supposed to be used, basically just a relict of former days. It is not supported or recommended to use stl files as wrapping surfaces. So its not a feature thats not working - it is simply not a feature.
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