Bug in version 5.1

Hi guys,

There is a bug in the version 5.1 of the AMS. When using the AnyChart2D, the program stops when trying to access the properties of the Y-axis.

You may want to check that on your side, but I do not have this bug with the version 5.0.

Best regards.


Thank you Pierre. I think it is a known issue, and the development team is on it.

Best regards, Sylvain.

Hi Sylvain,

Should I except it to be fixed in the next version ?

Thank you.


Hi Pierre,

It seems like a small thing, but it really is not. ChartFX is not an AnyBody development but something we have bought from a third party. The trouble is that this is a really old component and with recent updates in Windows, it is no longer fully compatible. So we are trying to close off the operations that lead to crashes but these are only temporary fixes. A permanent fix requires a new component, which is not an easy thing to do.