Butterworth filter output file

I have a data set that I put through a butterworth filter using anybody (I modified the snippet in forge). When I look at the output data in ChartFX, I have data that starts at almost time zero (.0005 seconds), but when I output the data using AnyOutputFile, it starts at 0.33 seconds. Do you know why this might be?
(I’ve attached the anybody files as well)

Hi Abra,

i looked at the files and ran the model. But i cannot see anything wrong in the output file, it starts at 0.0005 second as it should.

I tried with version 3.1 and 4. What version are you using? If it is an old one it could be that there was a bug at that time that has been fixed since then. I will try with the exact same version as you have to see if there is any difference.

Best regards, Sylvain.

Hi Abra

I think you might have been looking at the datafile in Excel by double clicking it?

When wieving it in this way i get the same results as you, but there is a small squared box that contains the missing numbers, it looks strange…

If you on the other hand import with by clicking Data->ImportExternalData and then select to have the text delimited by comma, tab and simicolon, then the data looks fine, similarly if you look at it notepad.

So i think the standard import you get in excel by double click gets confused by the header section of the file.

Best regards

Ups you got an double answer…

I think Sylvain and i have different settings in Excel… thus the different experience…

Best regards

Thanks for your help Soeren and Sylvain!