c3D File


I want to know what is the meaning for the following ERROR

ERROR(OBJ1) : C:/Docume…tings/a…6/D…p/p…o/NewModel1.any : C3D.Points.Markers.M001.PosInterpol : Parameter has an invalid value for this interpolation; extrapolations are not allowed.
Model loading skipped

Unfortunately it is not necessarily clear what causes this error message. A reason might be that the timing information in the C3D interferes with the AnyBody tStart and tEnd.

You could try something like this:

tStart = Main.TrialSpecificData.tStart+2*Kinematics.ApproxVelAccPerturb; 
tEnd = Main.TrialSpecificData.tEnd-2*Kinematics.ApproxVelAccPerturb;