Control Panel

Hi there!

I am working with AnyBody5 AMMR 1.3.1 and the modell FrrePostureHandSR

At the moment I am running Parameterstudys of the wrist motion.I have to change the parameters in Mannequin.any and BodyPartsSetup.any before any new Study.

Is there any way i can build a Control Panel for only a few parameters?
Something like an include file with links to parameters in Mannequin and BPS ?

Is there any tutorial how to do this?
Which are the keywords to search for?

Very Best regards

Dear Julian,
I am not sure I understood your question very well. Do you use the AnyParamStudy class for your parametric studies? Or do you try to organize your own parametric study? Anyway please read the tutorial on the parametric studies in the AMS and hopefully that will resolve your problems. You could also check the manual for AnyParamStudy - it has an example of usage.

“Control Panel” - is something that we implicitly use for our parametric studies.

Please let us know whether that helped or not.