coordinate system


I was working on a seated human model from the repository, the global coordinate system ((0,0,0) point) was already defined to be at a point behind the skull.

can I change the global coordinate system ((0,0,0)point) to be on the foot rest without rebuild the model? and what are ways to locate the (0,0,0) point and how to choose the orientation of the XYZ axes!

please provide me with full description.



Hi Zayd,
You can change the origin and orientation of the global ref by adding e.g.
Origin = {1,0,0};
Axes = RotMat(45/180*pi,x);
to the AnyFixedRefFrame GlobalRef in the Environment file.
Please have also a look at the reference manual.
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OK, i have located the foot rest at a certain point and i want it to be fixed at that point and i dont want it to be connected to the leg rest (actually i dont need the leg rest) i removed it …but the problem is still with the joints and drivers.

can i just define the foot rest at a fixed point and only connected to feet … no joints or drivers and keep it kinematically stable???:confused:

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