CreateMarkerTD & CreateMarker

Hi, AnyBody support

I had a question when I’m using the GaitFullBody example.
In the beginning of the main file, there’s two include, one is CreatMarkerClass, the other is CreateMarkerClassTD, in the ModelSetup, some marker they use CreateMarkerTD some use the other one.
What’s the different between these two?

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CreateMarkerClass class template is used when you want to put the markers on the upper body segments.

Instead, you should use the CreateMarkerClassTD class template when you want to put the markers in the LegTD model.
Because in the LegTD model, all the segments have their ScalingNode objects. CreateMarkerClassTD class should use them.

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Hi, Moonki

Thanks for your explanation :slight_smile:
I have another one question here, we have a new motion capture machine called BTS SMART DX.
But after we finish the experiment, we change the data to .c3d file, and put it in the AnyBody to use directly, but the error says “The specified file is not a c3d file”.
I had attached the c3d file in the attachments, and can you check the file for me.

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Hi Yeh,

I just tried to open your C3D file with MOKKA viewer( but I could not open it.

Also I tried to load your C3D file with AnyInputC3D class in the AMS 5.3 version but it didn’t work neither.

So I think that there are some problems in your C3D file.

When you create your C3D files in your motion capture system, then please check whether it is correct C3D or not.

I would recommend this MOKKA viewer for your easy test.

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