Current modeling activities

Here’s a list of some of the modeling activities we are aware of:

  1. Gait
    We currently have a guest in the AnyBody Project, Nirjhar Dhang,
    working on a gait model, and we know that several of our users are
    interested in gait modeling. Nirjhar is currently investigating the
    C3D file format and exploring ways of interfacing motion tracking
    data with an AnyBody gait model. We already have a pretty good lower
    extremity model in the repository, and we expect to develop gait as
    an application (see post #1) using this lower extremity model.

  2. Shoulder modeling
    We are implementing remake of the so-called Dutch shoulder model by
    van der Helm and others in AnyScript. This is a major undertaking,
    but the first version is coming to a close. This is work sponsored
    by the Ford Motor Company, but the model will be publicly available.
    We are most interested in collaboration with others on the task of
    adjusting and validating this model.

  3. A model of the spine
    The repository (see post #1) contains a simplified model of the
    human spine developed by Mark de Zee, Morten Schaarup and Lone
    Hansen. This is the very early beginning of an attempt to build a
    model that could work in parallel in AnyBody and SIMM. A much more
    detailed model comprising all the individual muscle fascicles is
    being developed and is showing good progress.

  4. The seated human
    This is an application, the development of which is sponsored by
    three furniture manufacturers, VELA, RBM and AP Furniture. In this
    project, Johan Dahlquist is working on a model of the lower
    extremities and pelvis (from the repository), the simple spine (from
    the repository), and an adjustable chair capable of representing
    various seated postures. The idea is to experiment with the
    influence of the chair’s support on the muscle and joint forces
    in the body.

  5. A forearm model
    Together with researchers in Lund in Sweden we are preparing a
    forearm model that we hope will very soon be good enough to become a
    part of the repository. The purpose of the mode is to evaluate joint
    forces in the wrist during pronation and supination of the forearm
    for the purpose of implant design.

If you are interested in any of these projects, please post an
introduction on the list and make your presence known. This way we
can join forces and perhaps set up smaller groups to collaborate on
the design of models.

We know of quite a few other activities that our users have under
way, but we shall leave the description of those up to you.

AnyBody Support (John)