deactivated muscles


the possibility in the AnyBody models to “deactivate” parts which are not in the region of interest is very helpful.

But wouldn’t it be more straightforward if muscles (no matter if physically existing or just auxiliary) belonging to these “deactivated” parts do NOT contribute to the muscle recruitment? Is the strength of these auxiliary muscles physically reliable?

It would be nice if there was a switch which allows for removing thoses muscles from the recruitment algorithm (e. g. with an internally chosen very high strength).



Hi Thomaz,

It seems that you could read my reply to your original question.

As I told before, then you can replace the existing joint muscles( in form of AnyGeneralMuscle) with AnyReacForce objects.

Then these AnyReacForce objects ‘will not’ be included in the muscle recruitment optimization criterion.

Of course then you have to modify the AMMR repository by yourself.

I can’t say when we can implement a function to choose some selective muscles which will not be included in the muscle recruitment optimization.

But as I told already, by using AnyReacForce, you can do it very quickly.

I hope this may help you.

Best regards,

Thanks for your answer, Moonki,

sorry, i did not find your suggestion to replace those muscles by AnyReacForce. This method would require that one is aware of this problem and it would require to know which are the muscles to be replaced.

I deactivated some parts of the model and was surprised that these parts still influence my results. My suggestion was born as other users may also drop this brick.

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Hi Thomaz,

Then could you upload a simple demo of your model( not full model ) which shows that effect? Then I will investigate that problem.

Please upload here:

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I used a workaround by increasing the muscles’ strenghts, as you also suggested in my other thread, i. e. the problem is solved for the time being.
My wish was thought to avoid this problem in future as it is easy to overlock these auxiliary muscles.

Thanks, Moonki,