definition of GlobalRef and results

Hello, I have a question that if my definition of coordinate in measurement of c3d (which I think is definition of GlobalRef in “GaitFullBody”) is different from the coordinate of the human body( I think in “GaitFullBody” these two coordinates are the same), I want to know the results, for example hip joint reaction force, whether F[0] F[1] F[2] these 3 components are in the order of x,y,z of the human body coordinate or not?

PS: I think yes,but I am a little confused…so I want to make sure about that.


You can see some tips about how to understand the joint reaction forces of different types here:

If you are interested in the reaction forces of a spherical joint,
then it would be helpful for you to see the definition of the hip joint first.
And the previous thread that I had asked in this forum may be related to your question:

Also the reaction force values of a joint w.r.t. the local reference frame of the joint can be reinterpreted w.r.t. a certain reference frame that you are interested in:

I hope this may help to you.

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Thank you very much Moonki. It helps~