Definitions of Pmet and EPOTmt?

How is the output measures Pmet and EPOTmt defined? I fail to find definitions, neither in the tutorials nor in the reference manual. I’m trying to get an “efficiency measure” to compare three similar but different movements.

Total potential energy in the muscle-tendon unit.

Metabolic power.

Description from AnyGeneralMuscle in AnyScript Reference Manual

Hello, and thanks for the answer. But that I already knew. Perhaps I was a bit unclear. How are those 2 “measures” actually computed by the software?
Anyway, for the Pmet I now know that it is like this:
Pmet = Pm/0.25 (if Pm > 0)
Pmet = -Pm/1.25 (if Pm < 0).
But for EPOTmtI still don’t know. mgh for the current timestep?

Hi Jokke!

EPOTmt is an estimation of the current elastic energy stored in the tendon. This is primarily interesting for sports performances where the elasticity of the tendons might improve efficiency or the opposite depending on how the motion is organized.

The formula behind it is very simple: The tendon is considered linearly elastic and its stiffness is computed based on the isometric strength of the muscle. With stiffness and force given, it is simple to compute how much the tendon is stretched and how much elastic energy is stored in it.

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Ok, I get the concept about potential elastic energy. I’ll try to check some references regarding the tendon stiffness computation.