details of anybody femur

Hi sir
I was trying to scale left femur of standing model according to a ct data by using anyfuntransforms3dlin2. First i approximately aligned the both anybody and ct scan femur in 3-MATIC by merging both femur.But still there is difference in size and shape. So when i opened the files using scaling lesson it show approximately merged as shown in fig.When i apply anyfuntransforms3dlin2 it get separated as sown in pic following.
Is it may be due to the wrong points, Sir we purchsed the mimics simulation version, in this we can export the points of matrix.But problem is that we dont know the location of for eg foevea capitis like all. In mimics we need the loaction of that points,so if we define a point on ct femur giving tha name foevea capiitis by seeing the location of anybody femur,so we can easily generate that matrix by exporting coordinates points .So sir from where we can get anybodyfemur points details to check its loaction.

I do not think more points than given in the tutorial
are given in AnyBody if you do not use some of the reference nodes.
In any case you can define the points by yourself which might be the best solution as you will define the landmarks in the same way. If two persons define the landmarks on two different bones their methods might differ?

Hi Sir
Thanks for your reply.I have been done the same problem with tutorials bones.But now im using ct scan data target bone. Iam using tutorials landmark points.By which results in not working well.How can i define the matrix of landmarks points for target bone w.r.t anybody femur. Because i dont know the location of anybody femur landmarks.Sir plz suggest ne the right approach.


You can find the drawing object in the Model Tree view, right click, ‘Export surface’ - where you can further do in Mimics or in Meshlab. Or you can make a ref. node in the thigh segment and move it using widgets (AnyDrawWidgetLin). You need to change sRel. Please search forum - there is an example how to use it.