Displaying spine muscles in the right side

Hello all,

Currently, I am playing with the standing human model, and have a question. I want to isolate the muscles in the right side of the spine for visualization purposes. I tried this command,


but it stops displaying whole muscle in the spine which is not what I want.

As I did not know how to do this, I just made up something like this,


but it did not work too.

Can anybody help me on this please?

Ps: I am new to the AnyBody and to the forum.



Hi Riza,

Actually our tutorials contains the information on how these statements can be used. Please have a look. You don’t need to make up new statements that will not work with the body model :wink:

Secondly, you can either do it for your particular model just once - for that you need to select the left muscle group in the model view and hide it. Here is a short video how to select objects in the model view and customize visualization.

If you need to have this view all the time. It is a little bit more tricky, but also possible. Please check the SpineFixationWithFDK example, which customizes the view in the following file:


The first 2 sections show how the view can be customized.


Thank you Pavel. This tutorial helped it out.