disproportions in the segments after optimization process in MoCap_FullBody


I have a problem with my fullBody model in Mocap Modeling. After a good optimization in the kinematic analysis and dynamic inverse process, the body is totally irregular. The theoretical markers were adjusted to the experimental markers, but the shape of the segments are bad and not realistic.

Can somebody help with this problem? Attached any files with the c3d file.

Thanks for your help.


Hello everybody,

Can somebody from AnyBody Support to help with this problem? I appreciate your help.

Best regards,


Hi Gutioroz,

Sorry for the belated response. I had a look at the model as well as the marker data.

A few notes to consider:

  • Try using a uniform scaling in the HumanModel.any (\Model\HumanModel.any). This will make a big difference on how the model looks.

  • Please make sure that the height and the mass of the trial are correct. The height is set to 1.6m, but the LFHD marker shows that it must be around 1.2m.

  • By looking at the marker data, I noticed that there were some issues with the left foot. Although this might not be completely related, please double-check them as well.

Hope these points help you resolve the issue.

Best regards,

Mohammad S. Shourijeh, PhD
AnyBody Team

Dear Mohammad S.

Thank you so much for your response. I did the changes according with your suggestions. They were very convenient, now my model run properly with a good scaling.

I really appreciate your help. :slight_smile:



You’re very welcome!

I am glad to hear that you resolved the issue.