draw a moving vector

Hello Anybody Users and Supporters,

i am madi studying at the hannover university in germany.
i am not familiar with c++ and anybody so i ask you for help.

i want to draw vectors for different time steps. the coordinates for this vectors should be loaded from a text file which is attached. the first 3 (x1,y1,z1) are for the initial point and the second 3 (x2,y2,z2) for the end point. both points are in the same coordinate system.

i tried anydrawvector, but don’t know how to add the loaded vectors to it.
for loading text files i saw in the there are more options like anyfuninterpol or anyinputfile but i dont know which would be easier.
how can i solve this task? thanks in advance.

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Madi Adeli

please find attached a model that can lot the vector. I makes use of two dummy segments which are driven by the data.
Have fun!
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Hi Sebastian,

thanks a lot for the programm.
it is very helpfull.

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