effect of scaling on muscles strength

i’m working on a model an i want to change scale of the model.for doing this i add following lines in my model:

#include “…\Body\AAUHuman\Scaling\ScalingLengthMassFatExt.any”
Scaling = {
#include “…\Body\AAUHuman\Scaling\AnyFamily\AnyManExtPercentile.any”

but when i change percentile in AnyManExtPercentile.any the scale of model and strength of muscles does not change.
please help me in this problem and give me a correct solution.


I have just tried it and i cannot see anything wrong, the scaling works fine with your model. Please make sure that you haven’t done any changes in the BRep. In case you can try to download a clean version of the Repository to have all the original files, those will work.

Best regards, Sylvain.

thnaks for your answer. you say right. it works…