ERR GLE model

I need your help for my err
Have been previously run, it does not run right now.
problem c3d file?? i don’t know what err my file
my anybody ver. 5.3.0
Have a nice day~

and this c3d file
GRF is right position??


I’ve test your model.

You just have to re-run the MotionAndParameterOptimization process. Then you can run the inverse dynamics.

For your force plate, I think that the force plate information in your C3D file is wrong.

You can check your C3D file with a free software MOKKA:

It seems that the COP and the force vector from AnyBody and MOKKA look very close each other.

SO, please contact your force plate service engineer to know how you can get the right force plate data into your C3D file.
This is not the problem of AnyBody. This is the problem of your motion capture software.

Best regards,